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blimey! Lucretia Online Series

Eliot Smith Dance

To launch our online series of responses, talks and workshops to accompany the blimey! Lucretia exhibition we are pleased to present a short dance film created by Eliot Smith (Artistic Director of Eliot Smith Dance - ESD) Created in response to our project and filmed at The Bowes Museum it is inspired by Guido Reni’s Death of Lucretia painting.


"The dancer tries to depict the emotion of the painting whilst responding to the cloth patches that have been stitched onto denim jackets worn by dozens of mannequins." – ESD


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Dr Carol Sommer

To accompany the blimey! Lucretia exhibition is a gallery talk by blimey! collective artist, Dr Carol Sommer.


blimey! first met Guido Reni’s Lucretia when she was the centrepiece of an exhibition ‘The Power and the Virtue’ at Bowes Museum, back in October last year. She challenged us with the question (to paraphrase Beyonce): ‘Tell me what you think about me’. This is an introduction to the way blimey!, and participants in the project, attempted an answer. Carol is a member of blimey! collective and a Darlington based artist and art educator. She uses found text, imagery and film in attempts to engage with the discourses surrounding the representation of women in literature, art and on Instagram.


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Joanne Coates

An insight from project photographer and film maker Joanne Coates. Joanne talks about her creative practice, the process of documenting the blimey! Lucretia project through film and photography and her experience of the working with blimey! collective. Joanne Coates is a working class documentary storyteller who uses the medium of photography. She is interested in modes of production, rurality, working life and class inequality. Joanne’s work has been exhibited both in the UK and internationally in venues including The Royal Albert Hall, Reveal-T Photography Festival, Cork Photo Festival and Somerset House


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Dr Tina Sikka

'What to do about #MeToo? Consent, autonomy, and restorative justice a case study' Dr Tina Sikka is Head of Postgraduate Research in Media, Culture and Heritage at Newcastle University asks: Is it possible to craft a form of engaged, anti-carceral, feminist political practice that carves out a space for sexual negotiation, exploration, sex positivity, and changing conceptions of consent in an era shaped by social media and, #MeToo? Five British based academics working in the areas of sexuality studies, law, media studies, and sociology were interviewed on this topic so as to better understand contemporary scholarly attitudes and where current research stands. Each scholar was asked a series of questions around consent as a legal and normative regulator of sexual relations – including its drawbacks, their views on other models of consent – including communicative consent, embodied consent, sexual autonomy – the possibilities for alternative forms of justice, inclusive of prison abolition and restorative justice as they relate to sexual violence, and the kinds of feminism(s) they see developing from this.

Changing Relations

An 'in-conversation event' between Lisa Charlotte Davis and Pollyanna Turner, co-directors of Changing Relations, talking about their experience working with themes of domestic abuse through artistic co-production and how they've approached engagement in the light of Covid 19. Changing Relations C.I.C. is an education and training company that uses the arts to transform the way people think about gender stereotypes and relationship behaviours.


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Rachel Nixon

Feminist image maker and multi-disciplinary artist Rachel Nixon gives us an insight into A WOMXN’S WORK - a recent body of work that directly challenges and questions issues and stereotypes in female domestic life. Using materials sympathetic to these issues such as domestic textiles, tea towels etc…Rachel will guide viewers through a range of techniques incorporating cross-stitch, typography and collage.


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