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blimey! Lucretia

‘blimey! Lucretia’ adaptation of  the original painting ‘The Death of Lucretia’ Guido Reni. blimey! Collective 2019

“blimey! Lucretia” responded to the centrepiece of The Power and the Virtue: Guido Reni’s Death of Lucretia exhibition, which took place at The Bowes Museum in 2019.

Working in partnership with the museum and Creative Darlington on a series of communal gatherings and events, “blimey! Lucretia” explored ideas about the painting. Paying homage to Judy Chicago’s 20th century seminal feminist work “The Dinner Party”, “blimey! Lucretia” offered people a seat at Lucretia’s table, to spark conversations about the representation of women in our changing world.

blimey! Lucretia also collaborated with a contemporary dance project by Eliot Smith, a themed life drawing session with Lust for Life Drawing, a North East based feminist group, local FE Colleges including Queen Elizabeth 6th form College and Northern School of Art, regional artist networks and more.

This programme took place in various venues, including The Bowes Museum and Crown Street Gallery in Darlington.

Participants were invited to make new work with the blimey! collective, by sewing directly onto a miniature textile image of Lucretia. blimey! explored ways in which Lucretia could be interpreted in the post #metoo era, considering gender, memes, myth, power, villainy and virtue. This new work was shown alongside The Death of Lucretia, in a blimey! Lucretia exhibition at The Bowes Museum from March until October 2020.




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